Welcome Aboard Flight "PLIGHT" 2171 with service from Normal to EGREGIOUS!

Imagine awaiting your luggage after a long day of air-travel.  You begin to witness an airport full of people pointing, snickering, shaking their heads in disbelief expressing astonishment & disgust at what appears to be your bag.  As the bag nears you on the luggage carousel, you discover a sex-toy you had taken on vacation had been brazenly removed from the middle of your bag only to be maliciously taped to the top of your bag for everyone to see!  Many people travel with very personal items.  TSA says: ‘If they’re doing this to this luggage, they’re doing it to other peoples' too'!  Bottom line: In the event an airline loses your luggage, they are responsible.  The airline (United) last had this bag in their possession before it reached the luggage carousel.  They are ultimately responsible for these egregious acts!

In the event you are laughing hysterically right now, keep in mind this didn’t happen to characters in a movie, but it happened to real people.  Picture this:  When removing the clear tape (with the airlines’ logo stamp visible) we discovered the sex-toy had been smeared with some sort of grease or lubricating substance with fragments of brown particles (fecal-matter) clearly visible with the most vile smell you can imagine, insinuating the sex-toy had just been used.  Traumatizing...& absolutely vomitus.


The airlines charge Baggage Fees and this is what happens??  Truly imagine this happening to you or a loved one.  It's humiliating beyond all comprehension, your right to privacy is completely nullified, and you did absolutely nothing to cause this.  Then the flashbacks of the many spectators with mixed reactions pointing, laughing, revolted, disgusted, nauseated and so-on begin to play back in your mind.  You then get home only to find out that it's not a joke but worse, a hate-crime.  Think about it.  There are many people who couldn’t handle something like this.  United Airlines is betting this goes away quietly.  Forget it!  These egregious acts have most likely happened before and they'll happen again.  What happens to the next unsuspecting victim who just can't handle the trauma ( E.g.: Rutgers' Student Suicide) and they in-turn, go home and harm themselves.  Or worse, they already have.